Monday, February 23, 2015

45's Devlog: Part Four (in Which I Procrastinate in Disguise and Then Try to Recover by Sleeping For a Whole Day)

[Spoiler Alert: It didn't work out]

[This is the forth entry in a series of devlogs for «45», a game I'm currently working on, check the previous posts here]

I have to admit the on-a-whim decision of having procedural trees was a stupid one, I wasn't exactly ready to spend days on researching the stuff and it made a good excuse for disguised procrastination, that completely destroyed the momentum I was hoping to build by starting this devlog. So here's a new rule I'll try to follow from now on: The "research" part shouldn't take longer than 2 hours, otherwise take a break and build something related to the topic being researched, just to make sure you're making any progress at all.

Anyway, that's what I ended up experimenting with, it basically takes a plane of any given size or subdivision and retriangulate it into a bumpy terrain, the same effect could have been easily achieved without the need of retringulation or rebuilding the whole mesh (just like the river waves), but I just needed to wrap my head around mesh generation in Unity after spending that much time (the entire night) reading about procedural generation and being in a state of Gestaltzerfall of sorts.

Having made that utterly useless script, I decided to take a break from the whole thing and (guess what?) get some modeling done, here's one of the key places in the first chapter:

After that I fired up Scrivener and did some writing, I've been using Scrivener for a while now and it suits my OCPD tendencies; having everything tidied up and in one place. My only complaint about it though is the lack of any Arabic spell-check dictionaries, that I know of at least. 

Then I slept for a seriously long time that I skipped work that day.

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