Sunday, March 1, 2015

45's Devlog: Part Six (in Which I Make Music and Other Minor Tasks)

[This is the sixth entry in a series of devlogs for «45», a game I'm currently working on, check the previous posts here]

The last couple of days were quite hectic for any work-intensive tasks, but in-between late night crunch time at work and involuntary bar parades, I managed to allocate some time to work on one of the NPC's theme songs (the Naddaha's). I have a thing for minimalist and repetitive music, the abrasive kind (say Swans sans guitar, percussion or craft). For this one all I had to do was record a friend's panting, stretch it a bit, add some E-minor notes, plant some off-scale ones, and do some cheap panning tricks. You can listen to the song preview -just the first minute- below (headphones advised, it might make it a little less unbearable):

This song will play whenever you're near the Naddaha, There should be one for each main NPC in the game, so far I'm not exactly settled on how it would overlap when you're with more than one NPC in the same scene, either I'll have to make a new derivative song out of each or just let them all play at once (there's a thin line between headaches and cognitive dissonance after all).

After that I had some time to implement event-based animation for the conversation system, now the characters will animate according to the context of the conversation, I made a placeholder animation for the Naddaha for testing purposes, things will be more livelier in the final version (hopefully).

That it for now.

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