Saturday, February 21, 2015

45's Devlog: Part Three (in Which I Learn Not to Grow Trees at Midnight, the Hard Way)

[Maybe I should stop pretending this is a daily devlog, so not to confuse the poor souls who might be following this. Someday I'll fully accept that a day is 24 hours only, I promise.] 
[Anyway, this is the third entry in a "daily" devlog series for «45», a game I'm currently working on, check the previous posts here and here]

I thought it would be cool if I had an identity animation of sorts, so I made one. The logo (which was sponsored by numerous bottles of cheap brandy) was originally supposed to be a combination of multiple shapes, and that made it easier to animate somehow:

All was going well and easy up till that point, so in the ecstasy of a smooth midnight start, full of washing machine rattles echoing the excellent plumbing work done the day before, I decided to have procedurally generated trees. 

The next dozen of hours were spent reading about the L-system and Space Colonization; decided to go with the former despite the kickass name of the latter; downloaded a 200+ pages book called "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" and started skimming through it, and then a slow realization came upon me: well shit the game is heavily stylized, and lo-fi enough that a couple of polygons can pass for a tree anyway. Also the weather was getting serious outside and all my cozy clothes I just washed won't dry anytime soon. I didn't like the idea that I might have wasted half of the weekend and all of my cozy clothes, and so it was MS Paint to the rescue:

Well, I'll probably still give L-system a try if what I have in mind fails to get the desired results, but either way I wasn't in the mood for anything flora-related, so I switched to modeling, since it's the least brain-damaging thing I can do and still be working on the project. Here's an animated bird:

After that I was depleted enough to admit it, so I took a 4-hour break watching some documentary series from my backlog, then dozed off... Hopefully today will be more fruitful.

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